Sailing Courses

Sailing Courses Teach Basics and Enable Safety Perhaps you are wondering if it really is worth it to pursue your idea of taking up sailing. Perhaps you are thinking it will be more trouble than it is worth or that it may not be as much fun as it seems to be. People who have taken the proper sailing courses to learn how to sail and own or rent the use of a sailboat say it is more than a sport it is a way of life. The most important thing though is to never attempt to sail a boat without having already taken some sailing courses. There are many courses available, from the US Coast Guard and others that cover many different types of boats used. A good beginning sailing course will last four to ten days and be a small group of students, usually no more than three to five. One very good sailing course offered by the U. S. Coast Guard is the Day Skipper Course. It is an introductory course for all family members. It covers the parts of a boat, equipment and handling. It will last about 15 hours and at the end you will get a Day Skipper Certificate. The coast guard even has a new Day Skipper Home Study course available that you can take at your own pace or if you are restricted by your geographical location. If you are located in the United Kingdom or plan to visit and take a sailing trip while you are there you might want to look into a RYA course (Royal Yachting Association). They have a wide array of courses that cover sailing. The RYA course that most people take first and required no previous experience is called Start Yachting. It teaches you how to steer, handle sails, some rope work and most importantly safety on board. As your skills improve and you become, more and more experienced sailing you can take a more advanced RYA course.

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