Day Skipper

If you need to learn sailing, take some RYA courses. RYA courses are a great way to learn the basics of sailing. The Day skipper sailing courses cover simple things like how to plot a course and tie a proper knot. If you donít have information like that, you arenít properly equipped to take a boat out to sea. Itís amazing how many people get lost in the ocean every year, and itís sad to think that so many of them didnít have basic knowledge of sailing. The RYA courses arenít that difficult, and they can even be fun. They give you practical experience in combination with plenty of theory. When you come out of these sailing courses, you will have all the information you need to keep yourself and your fellow passengers safe. You will also be able to call yourself a certified day skipper. You may even find that you want to take your sailing education further than just becoming a day skipper. There are higher certifications to achieve, like Master Yachtsman, and there are RYA courses that can take you to each level. Sailing courses are a lot of fun, and sometimes people find that they really like taking them. Some people come back just to have the experience again. Whatever your reasons are for taking them, the RYA courses are definitely a good idea for a beginning sailor.

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