Day Skipper

I needed an education in sailing, so I became a day skipper. Iíve been thinking about doing some sailing, but then I realized that I can barely read a compass, and I never really learned to tie a proper knot. I had a lot of experience on boats as a child, but I never really learned any of the basics. Because of this, Iíve been considering taking the day skipper RYA courses. They teach you all the beginner stuff and give you a certification. There are other sailing courses out there, but I think these will be the most convenient for me. I would hate to get out there on the sea and then realize I donít have the information you need to be a good sailor. Thatís why Iím a perfect candidate for sailing courses. If I get can manage to get my day skipper certification, I wonít be caught with my pants down. My friends think itís funny that Iím pursuing an education before I get started with some boating, but I know theyíll be glad I took these RYA courses if we ever have an emergency situation pop up. Once I become a day skipper, Iíll probably buy a really expensive yacht, because I plan to do a lot of sailing. The ocean can be a lot of fun, and I canít wait to get out there and use the knowledge from my upcoming sailing courses. All the people I know whoíve taken the RYA courses are constantly praising them, so Iím sure Iíll get the kind of education I need.

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